Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Volunteer for Bike Freedom Valley

Volunteer opportunities abound.

Choose from the following:
Rest Stop Volunteer or Captain: help feed and hydrate our riders
Registration: Day of Registration at the Ride Start, Check-In pre-registered riders
Route Marking: Ride the route in the the weeks before and mark the route for our riders
Route Vetting: Ride the marked route in the week before the ride and make any necessary corrections or additions to the markings
SAG: Drive a segment of the route in your vehicle and pick up stranded riders and take them to the next rest stop for help and/or ride the route as a sweep or help those on the Schuykill River Trail
Finish Line Festival: Serve food and drink or hand out t-shirts to our riders and volunteers
General Transport: in the days preceding the ride sort and transport supplies in preparation for the ride
Clean Up: at the end of the ride put away the items from the Finish Line Festival
Shopper: Buy supplies from our list with our cash and deliver them to the central sort point

To Volunteer: or 215 BICYCLE x 3#

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