Thursday, June 12, 2008

What's a cue sheet?

A cue sheet is a list of directions cyclists use to get from one rest stop to the next around route.

For those of you new to cycling and/or organized rides here's how to use a "cue sheet" to follow your route.

Typically a cue sheet has:

1) the segment mileage (mileage between turns)
2) total distance
3) abbreviated direction, i.e. L =left, R=right, etc.
4) street name and other information

The cue sheet is set up in columns as seen in the short sample below:

Seg Total Way Directions
.02 2.2 R at Traffic Light, Meetinghouse Rd
0.0 2.2 QR Hudson Ln
0.8 3.0 > Maple Ln
0.3 3.3 BR TRO Maple Ln

The cue sheet should also have a Key at the begining or end listing all the abbreviations use.
The most common are:
L = Left
R = Right
BR = Bear Right
BL = Bear Left
QR = Quick Right (quick refers to the distance from the previous turn)
QL = Quick Left
TRO = To Remain On
> or Bec = Becomes

SRT = Schuykill River Trail (on our cue sheets)

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